5 Reasons Your Business Will Love Microsoft 365

If your office operates like most others, you likely rely on Microsoft’s ubiquitous Office suite of products—including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook email, and others—to accomplish much of your daily work. And you have probably developed something of a love-hate relationship with most of these “necessary evil” programs.

Over the years, these applications have evolved to vastly improve functionality and make collaboration and remote work much easier for users. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy for businesses to keep up with the latest software versions. Staying up to date is an expensive logistical headache, especially for smaller companies with a mishmash of computers of various ages and capabilities.

Microsoft has been paying attention to your pain points, and they seek to solve them with a new “software as a service” (SaaS) generation of Office—Microsoft 365 for business.

This subscription-based solution provides the same suite of Office products you’re used to, plus all the necessary updates as you go, for one yearly fee. You may have already tried out the home version of Microsoft 365 and discovered the undeniable convenience. You’ll get additional security, reliability, and many other benefits by adopting Microsoft 365 for your business, too.

These are the five biggest reasons you’ll want to work with your trusted IT managed services provider (MSP) to upgrade from your current installed versions of Office applications to the cloud-hosted Microsoft 365 now.

1. Microsoft 365 is Simple to Implement

Because Microsoft 365 does not require a traditional Microsoft Exchange Server to get started, setup is uncomplicated and takes mere minutes to get up and running for most small business users. The solution harnesses the power of cloud computing to achieve this impressive feat.

There are several plans to choose from, and some do offer access to hosted Exchange, SharePoint, and other vital services that your business may need to function most effectively. However, trying to determine the package that will be best for your operations can be complicated—this is why connecting with an MSP partner to guide you in decision-making is smart. 

How does Microsoft 365 work?

Like many other SaaS applications, Microsoft 365 takes advantage of ever-expanding virtual storage space in the cloud and lightning-fast, modern internet speeds to provide remotely hosted versions of server platforms and Office applications. Computing power and speed have now improved to the point that installing programs on individual workstations is no longer the most efficient or cost-effective thing to do. Through cloud computing, you can access the specific Office programs you need, anytime, anywhere.

2. Microsoft 365 is Offers Flexible Pricing

As we mentioned, Microsoft 365 for your business provides different plan levels—all priced per user—so you can purchase just the resources you need without paying for functionality that your team won’t use. There are two different main Microsoft 365 plans that we recommend for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with various numbers of employees and configurations. These are:

Additionally, there is a third Microsoft 365 plan for SMBs to choose from, Microsoft 365 Business Premium. This plan combines all the basic and standard plans’ features while offering advanced security and device management.

If you’re part of a large corporation that needs enterprise-level tools for collaboration, compliance, analytics, and more, there are several solutions for these organizations, too.

What does Microsoft 365 include?

Refer to our Microsoft 365 comparison chart to see what products and services are bundled with each plan level. As an SMB, you’ll likely want to choose between Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Microsoft 365 Business Standard, both of which can support teams with up to 300 users. (Enterprise plans can support larger organizations with unlimited capacity.)

How much does Microsoft 365 cost?

Pricing is straightforward for Microsoft 365 since it’s charged on a per-user basis. The total cost will vary based on your company’s needs, of course, but you can get an idea by checking out Microsoft’s current Microsoft 365 cost comparison chart. Your current IT service provider can help you determine which plan is right for you, so you don’t waste money on unneeded features.

3. Microsoft 365 Makes Remote Work Simple

All Microsoft 365 plans include online versions of the most popular Office applications. And with a Standard plan or higher, Microsoft 365 allows each user to install Office apps on up to five tablets and five phones. This means that you can work just about anywhere with an internet connection on practically any device.

You also gain chat, online meetings, and several other collaboration tools—in addition to Outlook email—with several of the main Microsoft 365 plans. Since many businesses now utilize consultants, remote workers, freelancers, and other non-traditional employees, having seamless ways to get your team together, even if they’re not in the same physical building, is critical. Microsoft 365 makes remote work easy for small businesses.

4. Microsoft 365 is Always Up to Date

Gone are the days of having ten different employees running ten different (outdated) versions of Office software. With Microsoft 365, there’re no more worries about security vulnerabilities, compatibility issues, or whether you need to save as a .doc or a .docx.

Since Microsoft 365 is cloud-based, updates are deployed directly from Microsoft to all users, much like software updates for Windows itself. You can even turn on automatic updates, so you don’t have to worry about disrupting your work to ensure that your applications are completely secure with the latest patches and upgrades.

5. Microsoft 365 is Reliable and Safe

Especially when you purchase Microsoft 365 through a Microsoft-certified MSP partner like EZComputer Solutions, your business will receive professional support that guarantees 99% uptime. How can Microsoft and its partners make these kinds of promises?

First, Microsoft backs Microsoft 365 with geo-redundant servers and state-of-the-art security, so you never have to worry about your files going missing or exposure to threats. Plus, your contracted IT services provider makes life even easier by delivering first-line help with any issues that do arise. Simply make one phone call to the IT partner you know and trust, and we take care of communicating with Microsoft on your behalf, as needed.

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