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Looking for IT Companies Near You? Choose EZComputer for Headache-Free Tech Support

No one wants to deal with IT problems. We get it. You just want your computers to work. But when something does go wrong, and you’re looking for IT companies near you to fix it, trust EZComputer Solutions to solve the problem right the first time.

We Are Your IT Company on Day One

At EZComputer Solutions, we believe that you should be free to focus on your business instead of worrying about IT problems. Our IT company in Lancaster, PA, provides proactive, cost-effective IT services that keep your network running smoothly—without the headaches. As an experienced and local IT company near you, we proudly support small businesses throughout Central PA.

When you choose to work with us as your IT company, we become your IT team on day one. No more wrestling with endless information technology issues. No more re-explaining the same problems to technical support again and again. Just reliable technology solutions and rapid support when you need it.

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Network Security

Keep your business free from hackers and other cyberthugs

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IT Company Near You

Get managed IT services from a business based in Lancaster, PA

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Grow Your Business

We handle your technology, so you’re free to focus on growth

Your IT Company Should Be EZ to Work With

You deserve a responsive and reliable IT support company that makes your job easier, not more complicated.
Here’s how we do it:

  1. We Get to Know You – We want to join your team and be like your own internal IT department. That’s why we take the time to get to know you and your business, so you get a technician you can trust from an IT company in Lancaster, PA, and you don’t have to explain your problems repeatedly.
  2. Smooth Transition – We know that changing IT companies can be challenging. We’ll simplify the process by auditing your network, changing your passwords, and implementing a customized action plan to ensure your network is secure and functioning properly.
  3. No More IT Headaches – With EZComputer Solutions as your IT company, you’ll be free to focus on your business while we proactively manage your network to keep everything running smoothly.

Stop Searching for “IT Companies Near Me”

Our Story: Why We Love Solving Your IT Problems

Every story begins somewhere, and ours begins as a company facing many of the same IT issues you are facing today. See how our years of experience have led us to be the #1 IT company in Lancaster, PA.

1997 – We Understand IT Problems

Tom Malesic founded EZSolution in 1997 as a web development company. At first, building websites was our only business. But it wasn’t long before customers began asking if we could help them with more than just their website.

Clients were often unhappy with the performance of their computers and network. They searched for reliable IT companies near them that they could count on to solve their technology problems.

At first, we were forced to say, “No, I’m sorry; we can’t help you with that.” Truth be told, we struggled with many of the same problems ourselves. We understand what it’s like.

Finally, we decided enough was enough. After all, EZSolution was founded, in part, to solve problems for business owners. We loved creating solutions to issues and wanted to help.

2005 – Stepping into IT Support

In 2005, we acquired a local IT company, hired additional staff, and began offering IT support services. This step solved our own technology issues and allowed us to provide top-notch customer service for many of our clients. We created the kind of IT company we had always hoped to find in the marketplace.

At first, we focused on fixing problems and putting out fires. We helped a lot of companies solve their computer problems, but we realized that preventative maintenance and monitoring were the future of technical support. That’s when we began looking into ways we could prevent computer problems in the first place.

2015 – Rebranding our IT Company

By 2015, our IT company had evolved as we heavily invested in technology and personnel to keep our systems and those of our clients working like well-oiled machines.

We decided it was time to give our IT services an identity of their own. We rebranded the EZSolution IT division as EZComputer Solutions, while the business’s web development side became EZMarketing. Both companies now operate under the central umbrella of EZSolution.

Jim Fisher from EZComputer Solutions repairs a computer.

Today – A Proactive IT Services Company

Today, we still fix technology problems, but our IT company’s main focus has shifted to preventing issues and IT headaches. As a managed services provider, our job is to keep a client’s network running right instead of logging billable hours to fix problems as they happen.

With this approach, we’ve helped more clients leverage their technology as a competitive advantage instead of dealing with it as a drain on their time and resources. Everyone wins.

Ready to Get Started with an IT Company Near You?

Our team is passionate about making technology work for you. Other IT companies near you don’t have the same personalized touch, expertise, and friendly staff as EZComputer Solutions. Find out how we can eliminate your IT headaches and help your business prosper!

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