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TechTip: Top 3 VoIP Phone Myths

Many businesses are hesitant to try Voice Over IP (or VoIP) phones because you’ve heard rumors that they’re unreliable or expensive. Let’s take a look at the top 3 VoIP most common myths to set the records straight. Myth #1: … Read more

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3CX VoIP Phone Systems: A Better Choice for Small Business

Phone calls aren’t dead, but traditional landlines are dying. While most households have switched to using cell phones, many small businesses around Lancaster, Harrisburg, and York are still stuck in the past, using traditional phone systems that are outdated, inflexible, … Read more

is voip good for small business?

Is VoIP Good for Small Business?

Even in the age of email, messaging, and live chat, every small business needs a reliable phone system. Unfortunately, traditional business phone systems can be an expensive undertaking that many small businesses can’t afford. Consequently, voice over internet protocol (VoIP) for small businesses has gained popularity to replace traditional phone lines.

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6 Benefits of VOIP for Remote Work

6 Benefits of VoIP for Remote Work

2020 forced many small businesses to embrace new ways of working, including working from home (WFH). Find out why VoIP phones should be part of your technology stack for remote work, if they’re not already.

How to decide on the best voip for small business

How to Decide on the Best VoIP for Small Business

Finding the best VoIP phone system for your small business can be tricky because there are literally thousands of options. Here are major factors you need to consider: