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Why Should Your Business Move to the Cloud?

Audio Blog · Why Should Your Business Move to the Cloud? Is your business still relying on a dusty old server sitting in one of your back closets? Are you tired of dealing with clunky hardware that’s constantly breaking? Or … Read more

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How to Protect your Data with Datto Cloud Backup

Imagine what would happen if all your business data files were suddenly gone… no accounting data, no customer records, no payroll information, nothing. You’d have a lot of unhappy customers and unpaid employees. You wouldn’t last long without your data, … Read more

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How Does Cloud Storage Work? Plus 8 More FAQs About the Cloud

Smart business owners are always looking for ways to increase productivity, improve operations, and mitigate risks. One way many companies like yours in Lancaster, Harrisburg, and York are achieving these goals is through the cloud. Unless your head has been in the clouds, you probably have heard about “The Cloud” before but might not know what it meant. Or, you heard about it, and the jargon used to describe it made little to no sense to you.

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5 reasons your business will love cloud storage

5 Reasons Your Business Will Love Cloud Storage

If you’re a small business owner near Lancaster, PA, you may be unaware of a significant threat to your company: in-house data storage. Just imagine if a natural or manufactured disaster struck your business. All your proprietary and confidential data is at risk of being lost forever. You need business cloud storage to ensure your data is securely backed up. 

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Pros & Cons of Cloud-Based Backups vs. On-Site Backups

Any small business depends on its business data for survival, so having a backup plan is critical. There are many different data backup services out there, but they generally fall into two categories: on-site backups and cloud-based backups. Which type of backup solution is right for your business? Let’s look at the pros and cons of each.

Back up Your Work Computer

What is the Best Way to Back Up Your Work Computers?

Data loss prevention is a big issue for small businesses, costing upwards of $48,000 for a single issue. In order to protect your business, you need to back up individual work computers and servers. Let’s look at some of the why’s and how-to’s of backing up your business data.

Top 10 Security Risks

Top 10 Security Risks Faced by Companies Adopting Cloud Computing

The cloud has been a miracle to many businesses as they merge or migrate their data to the off-site storage service. See, the beauty of the cloud is all about its accessibility. Companies can manage or access data from anywhere they are, putting key information at their fingertips without a trip to the office.

Though we previously covered some of the benefits of migrating to the cloud, it’s become apparent that some companies are making that switch with only half the facts. Here’s a look at the top ten security risks that comes with migrating to the cloud.

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