Cybersecurity Services to Protect Your Business from Hackers

If you want to keep your business safe, you need a reliable cybersecurity service. Hackers and cybercriminals can wreak havoc on your business at any moment—stealing your sensitive data, hijacking your email, and even locking you out of your own computer. Cyberattacks and data breaches can cost your business thousands of dollars in compromised data, downtime, and lost revenue. What’s worse, small businesses are cybercriminals’ favorite targets because they’re often unaware and unprepared for an attack.

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Don’t make the hacker’s job easy. Protect your business and employees by securing your network, monitoring and managing cyber threats, and educating your team.

EZComputer Solutions is here to be your local cybersecurity company. Our range of cybersecurity services will help you stay one step ahead of hackers and keep your business safe.

You’ve Been Hacked. And You Don’t Even Know It

One of the biggest problems with small business cybersecurity is that you don’t even know when you’ve been attacked. Hackers are sneakier than ever, often disguising attacks as seemingly innocent emails and tricking your employees into giving them access.

Most small businesses take weeks—even months—to identify and react to a security breach. Meanwhile, the hacker may have access to your passwords or even your whole computer network, putting your clients, employees, and your sensitive data at risk. Consider these startling statistics:

  • 65% of small businesses have failed to act following a cybersecurity incident
  • 206 days is the average time it takes to identify a security breach
  • 81% of hacking-related breaches leverage stolen and/or weak passwords
  • 92% of malware is delivered via email
  • 90% of security breaches are caused by human error

Cybersecurity Services for Small Businesses in Lancaster, York, and Harrisburg

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Password Watchdog

Know when hackers are stealing your credentials

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Network Watchdog

Hunt down the threats your firewall and antivirus miss

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Stop more threats with the #1-rated antivirus software

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Protect Your Passwords from Hackers with Password Watchdog

Find out when hackers steal your company passwords or credentials and train your employees to be the first line of defense against security risks. Password Watchdog is a sophisticated stolen password detection and security training platform designed to keep your business safe.

Detect Stolen Passwords

Password Watchdog monitors the Dark Web and hacker sites 24/7/365 for your stolen passwords. We’ll inform you immediately when any of your credentials are compromised, so you can take action before a major data breach occurs.

Test Phish Your Staff

Phishing emails try to trick you into giving away personal information like usernames, passwords, and credit card numbers. We’ll send simulated phishing emails to test your staff and identify who needs additional training to keep you safe.

Educate & Train

Don’t let your employees be the weakest link in your business’s defense. We’ll provide quick training videos and simple tips to educate your staff about computer security and reduce the security risk of a breach caused by human error.

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Strengthen Your Network Security with Network Watchdog

Network Watchdog is a comprehensive cybersecurity monitoring platform designed to identify and alert you to threats that traditional cyber defenses miss. Our cybersecurity company provides real-time, 24×7 threat detection so that we can monitor and manage if your system is compromised, who is attacking you, and how they got into your system.


We identify attacks that evade your normal defenses. Network Watchdog’s state-of-the-art security platform automatically gathers and analyzes data to identify threats across your network, apps, and files.


We are instantly alerted to any attacks or suspicious activity within your network. Network Watchdog lets us know where the attacks are coming from and how they are gaining unauthorized access to your system.


We address threats and malicious activities as soon as they appear. Armed with knowledge from Network Watchdog, you can rely on us as your cybersecurity company to kick out hackers and eliminate malware that threatens your network security.

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Get the Best Antivirus Protection with the Best Performance

Malware and ransomware attacks are a constant threat to small businesses. Attacks like WannaCry have wreaked havoc on businesses like yours, eluding virtually all antivirus software and computer security systems, except for Bitdefender.

Bitdefender consistently ranks #1 in independent tests for protection, performance, and usability. It will detect and stop more threats BEFORE they reach you and your employees, all while putting less strain on your computer systems than other antivirus software.

Next-gen Protection

Hackers are constantly inventing new viruses and malicious software to attack your network. Using machine learning perfected over more than 10 years, Bitdefender can accurately identify new security risks and block even the most sophisticated ransomware.

Powerful But Light

Other antivirus products slow down your machines or generate tons of false positives that can cause headaches to check and resolve. Bitdefender consistently ranks #1 for the lightest possible impact on protected systems.

More Than Just Antivirus

Bitdefender does much more than just scan for viruses. It provides enhanced cybersecurity services by actively monitoring for attacks, exploits, and malicious behavior, as well as discovering unsafe or out-of-date software that may be putting your business at risk.

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