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Our Clients Love Us

And… We love our clients and want to keep them safe.

To reduce the risk of a cyber-criminal contacting our clients while posing as an EZComputer employee, we no longer provide the names of our clients or the businesses they represent. We will be happy to provide references during a scheduled meeting.

Capable, responsive staff that solves issues

– Manufacturing Company

“We have been with EZComputer Solutions for over a year. We have found the staff helpful–someone answers our calls and either gets us to Phil or solves the issue. Recently we saw a good example of the value of your firm. Our CLC servers were down and we could not operate since our manufacturing and office staff need servers to function. Phil was busy with another client, so after some initial remote diagnostics, you immediately sent Jim onsite. Jim knew what he was doing and worked to isolate the issue, identify the solution, and resolve it. I know he got home later than normal that day due to the drive, but he made sure we were up and running before he left. This experience is why we left our prior provider. They had one person that knew our system and could support us, but no one else in their firm was capable. We appreciate that you have multiple capable people. Thanks for the good service.”

Our backups are now safe and secure

– Water Company

“We use EZComputer Solutions to provide several types of services for us. We had them update our website, which we are very pleased with and it’s a great improvement over the previous website. We also had them do networking IT stuff for us. One of our biggest concerns in the past was that we weren’t sure if we were getting a full backup. They put a system in place where they monitor the backups. If something goes wrong or doesn’t look right, they get in touch with us. We are very pleased with the service they have been providing.”

Everything just works

– Financial Services

“We’ve been a client of EZComputer Solutions for many years. One of the things that is very important to me is preventative maintenance and their service is geared towards that. They make sure that everything is taken care of ahead of time so we’re not dealing with a crisis situation when we really need our system.”

Great responsiveness

– Insurance Company

“I’ve been working with EZComputer Solutions for the past 2 years. I brought them on board because at that time we did not have an IT department. They have fulfilled all their obligations. It’s been an enjoyable relationship and I appreciate the work they do.”

We now have piece of mind

– Medical Practice

“Our practice has been with EZComputer Solutions for the last 4 years and we enjoy working with them because they give us peace of mind that our backup system is protected should our system go down. They also work closely with us to keep our licensing and HIPPA compliance up to date.”

They make the complex simple

– Giftware Company

“We’ve worked with EZComputer Solutions for 3 months and their name expresses exactly what it’s been like in terms of our relationship. IT is a complicated issue for our little company and they have simplified it. Everybody at Wellspring is happy because things are working. I’m thrilled with that and glad to be working with them.”

Problems fixed fast

– Police

“I like EZComputer Solutions most of all because of their customer service. They do a monthly service on our computers. They are always helpful and are even better in emergency situations. Calling, generally speaking, we’ll get somebody at our station within an hour to fix the problems that we have.”