Disaster Recovery

How to Create a Disaster Recovery Plan

If a physical disaster like a fire, flood, or tornado destroyed your business’s main location and all of your technology resources, what would you do? Could you and your employees keep working at an alternate site with backed up data?

Similarly, if your network became a casualty of the so-called cyberwar and hackers breached your valuable data, would you have a plan to handle the fallout? Would your business files and other information be completely lost? Could you continue serving your customers?

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tips to keep youe customer data secure

5 More Tips to Keep Your Customer Data Secure

Every day, the world creates 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. That includes a huge amount of personal information not only about ourselves, but about our customers. With so much data out there, it’s more important than ever to safeguard the information you gather about your customers. Allowing your customers’ private information to fall into the wrong hands damages your reputation and erodes customer confidence. Even worse, it can result in lost sales and even legal action against your company.
A few weeks ago, we wrote about to building trust and keeping your customers’ data secure. Here are five more tips to help you get started!

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How to keep your customer information secure

How to Keep Your Customer Information Secure

Good security comes from good planning, so you need to carefully consider how to handle customer information in order to be successful. It’s your responsibility to make your customers feel safe and let them know that they can trust you. A large part of that is keeping your own computer systems safe. Because if you can’t protect your software, how can you protect sensitive customer information?
Collecting customer information is a delicate act of balancing expectations with results. You have to be straightforward and plan diligently in order to prove that you’re trustworthy and have the right safeguards in place to protect against breaches and loss of private information.

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7 tips to defend against a data disaster

7 Tips to Defend Against a Data Disaster

One click may be all it takes…
You’re checking your email Monday morning, cup of coffee in hand. You mark a few to follow up, confirm a meeting for the afternoon, and then delete a couple of junk promotional emails. But then you come across one that looks important – and it’s about an overdue invoice. You click on it and open the attached document to see what the problem is. Little did you know, a malicious file that was embedded in that document is now infecting your system, spreading like wildfire across your network.
Suddenly a note pops up on your screen:

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Carbonite data backup

Carbonite for Small Business Backup

Where would your small business be without your valuable business data – your customer records, accounting information, documents, invoices, inventory, and emails? Would replacing all the information you’ve accumulated be possible in the event of a disaster?
The truth is if you don’t have a reliable backup system in place, you risk losing your valuable business data every day. All it takes is one computer virus, an errant keystroke by a well-meaning employee, or a simple hardware failure and you could lose valuable data that isn’t easy to replace.

Maybe you already have a backup system in place. However, if you’re using unreliable tape drives or external hard drives, you might want to re-think your backup plan. If your building burned down, someone broke into your office and stole your computer equipment, or some other disaster occurred, you’d be out of luck.
Large corporations and government agencies have been using offsite backup solutions to handle their data backup needs for years – securely saving their data in the “cloud.” Yet, until recently, cloud technology was just too complicated and expensive to be practical for small business networks.
Backup solutions for small businesses have recently become a whole lot easier and more affordable. One of the most popular services out there is called Carbonite, which we often recommend to businesses with one to five workstations.

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