The importance of cyber insurance

The Importance of Cyber Insurance for Your Business

Blog Voice · The Importance Of Cyber Insurance For Your Business Think of all the things you have insurance for. Your car. Your home. Your business. Even your life. Why do you buy insurance? Probably not because you love spending … Read more

cybersecurity questionaire

How Do I Know If My Security Awareness Training is Worth It?

Think of all the ways that you physically secure your business. Do you lock your doors? Set an alarm system? Maybe have security guards patrolling your business property? You take all these measures to ensure your goods, money, and proprietary … Read more

How cybersecurity awareness training will save you money

How Cybersecurity Awareness Training Will Save You Money

When it comes to cybersecurity, I know your business’s biggest weakness: your employees. Nearly 90%  of data breaches are caused by human error. You’d be shocked at how many otherwise smart employees would literally PAY to download a virus because … Read more

What small businesses need to know about zero trust security

What Small Businesses Need to Know About Zero-Trust Security

Trust no one. It sounds cynical and harsh, but that’s the approach many businesses are taking to protect their networks. Zero-trust security is a growing trend in cybersecurity based on the idea that every user, device, or connection should be … Read more