The Trouble with Troubleshooting tech tip header

The Trouble With IT Troubleshooting

Imagine you turn on your computer one day, and you get a weird error message. You think, “I’ll just take a screenshot and send it to my IT guy. I’m sure he’ll know how to fix it.” But after you … Read more

How cybersecurity awareness training will save you money

How Cybersecurity Awareness Training Will Save You Money

When it comes to cybersecurity, I know your business’s biggest weakness: your employees. Nearly 90%  of data breaches are caused by human error. You’d be shocked at how many otherwise smart employees would literally PAY to download a virus because … Read more

How Cybersecurity is Like Your House thumbnail

How Your Cybersecurity is Like Protecting Your House

When it comes to cybersecurity services, the number one question I get from small business owners is: “Do I really need all this cybersecurity stuff?” You know you need some basic protections like a firewall or antivirus, but the rest … Read more

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Why You Need to Back Up Microsoft Office 365

If you accidentally delete a file, or need to find an old, deleted email, what do you do? If you use Microsoft Office, you probably check your Recycle Bin or Deleted Items folder. But what if it’s weeks or even … Read more