Why Vulnerability Scanning is a Must-Have Addition to Your IT Security Toolbox

Between hackers, viruses, malware, phishing, and more, your business faces a barrage of cyber threats every day. Like a rainstorm on an umbrella, if your defenses have even a pinhole leak, water is going to get through.

How do you find and fix the “leaks” in your network’s security? We recommend vulnerability scanning.

What is Vulnerability Scanning?

Vulnerability scans examine your network and look for weaknesses in your defenses that hackers may be able to exploit.

These scans can be external – like looking for gaps a hacker can use to break into your network.

Or internal – looking for security issues within your network like missing patches or failed backups

Why Do You Need Vulnerability Scanning?

Sometimes you literally don’t have a choice. It’s a requirement if you have cyber insurance or need to comply with things like HIPPA or PCI.

Beyond that, hackers run scans on small businesses all the time to look for weaknesses. I guarantee if they find one first, they’re going to take advantage of it.

What Are Some Benefits of Vulnerability Scanning?

We offer small business vulnerability scanning and reporting tools that offer a range of benefits:

  1. Obviously, Increased Security – we do regular scans that identify gaps in your defenses, changes to your firewall or antivirus, or when security policies like multi-factor authentication aren’t being followed. That way we can fix weaknesses before hackers can exploit them.
  2. Improved Monitoring – One of the biggest challenges of small business cybersecurity is keeping track of all the changing technologies that power your business. Our tools give us unified visibility of your systems, so we can verify that everything is safe and secure.
  3. Cost Savings – Companies can charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars for every scan. We offer monthly vulnerability scans for an affordable monthly cost. What’s more, investing in cybersecurity measures like this help prevent costly hacks and data breaches that can save your business BIG in the long run.

Get started today with vulnerability scanning and other cybersecurity essentials for your small business. Click the link below for a consultation and a free quote.