TechTip: The Truth About Small Business Cybersecurity

Many small businesses think they don’t have to worry about cybersecurity because they’re small and hackers are only after the big companies.

Think again.

Nearly half of all cyber attacks target small businesses.

Why? Small businesses don’t have the resources that large corporations do, so they’re often unaware and unprepared for attacks.

43% of small businesses don’t have any type of cybersecurity defense plan

And that lack of preparation can cost you – big time!

The average cost of a single successful attack is over $200,000, which means many small businesses don’t survive a major data breach.

If you want to keep your business IN business, you need to protect yourself from cyber attacks.

At EZComputer solutions, we offer a comprehensive cybersecurity package designed for small businesses to protect you from viruses, hackers, data loss, and more.

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