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The True Cost of Spam for Your Company

email spam

Few people realize how costly email spam can be for their business. The world is at the point where getting spam messages and having a junk folder is just part of having an email account. It’s like a bizarre rite of passage. However, that hasn’t stopped companies from mounting an all-out assault on spam emails by paying out of pocket for new anti-spam software, additional bandwidth, or lost productivity.

According to Nucleus Research, spam is costing US businesses an average of $712 per employee every year. With 66 percent of all emails reaching the inbox being labeled as spam, it’s not hard to guess why so much money and time is being wasted. You might be wondering how so much spam could be getting through despite spam filters and other anti-spam software.

Well, not all spam is created equal. Some messages get through regardless of settings and other spam is from an unlikelier source—one where your toughest spam filter would never think to question: your office.

Internal spamcant tell if spam or actual email

Any email not related to an employee’s work would be considered internal spam: jokes, links to YouTube videos and memes. But, it’s also possible for work-related emails to fall under this category as well. Office memos or emails that the entire staff is cc’d on that may only be relevant to a handful of people on the mailing list. Despite being relevant to the workplace, these emails can end up being unwanted and irrelevant to many of the employees who receive them.

The real danger of internal spam

Anti-spam software won’t filter inner-office emails as spam because they’re sent from official email addresses. Employees are more likely to waste time on the emails sent to the entire staff because they were copied, and because they were sent by supervisors and co-workers. The time spent opening, reading, and dismissing the emails adds up and can cost companies just as much—if not more—time and money than external spam.

The true cost of spamspam stats graphic

The real cost of spam infiltrating your employees’ inboxes is more than just money. Companies can expect to see spam affect:

  • Productivity
  • Bandwidth
  • Anti-spam software costs
  • Storage costs
  • User support costs

It’s sobering to see just how powerful a piece of junk mail can be when they accumulate across employee inboxes. Even when you’re only spending the time to delete unopened spam—a few seconds at most—it adds up to minutes a day, hours a month, and days a year, all dedicated to hitting that ‘delete’ button to rid yourself of spam.

A look at spam’s originsspam pie chart

Spam has been around since the late 70’s when almost 400 users received the same advertisement email. Electronic chain letters were another common form of early spam. In 2000, Nigerian fraud spam emails gained their notoriety. And in 2009, spam was estimated to cost $130 billion globally. It’s 2016 and spam is still an issue companies are forced to deal with, and one that continues costing them an absurd amount of money.

To make sure you’re doing everything you can to combat spam while cutting down on the costs associated with it, it’s important to have a team of IT specialists you can rely on. Contact EZSolutionsIT today to begin safeguarding your network against time-wasting spam.


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