Avoid Facing the Real Cost of Data Loss with Our Recovery Services

Think data loss won’t happen to your company? False confidence in your external hard drive backups or believing a hacker won’t target your small company are sure ways to lose everything you’ve worked to create. You need reliable data backup and recovery services from EZComputer Solutions. You’ll find the cost of data recovery services is far less than the cost of a data breach. Small businesses in LancasterYorkHarrisburg, and around Central PA trust us to protect their precious data. Let us safeguard your business too.

An Eye-Opening Example: The Cost of a Server Being Down for 5 Days

To put the cost of data recovery in perspective, let’s look at an example. Say your server crashes, and it takes five days to recover your hard drive’s data. If your company has a gross yearly revenue of $1.5 million and a payroll amount of $700,000, your losses would be:

  • Lost payroll: $13,461
  • Lost sales revenue: $28,845

Between these two measurable costs, you just lost $42,306. Now let’s say your computer guy worked after-hours for you and probably spent at least 40 hours getting you back up and running. If he only charges you $125 per hour, that’s an additional $5,000.

Now this server crash has cost you $47,306

If the data on the hard drive needed to be sent to a data recovery company, they could charge you between $10,000 and $20,000 in hard drive data recovery costs. But this fee is a small price to pay when you consider that if the data was lost entirely, you might never be able to re-type it back into your system because you don’t have a hard copy of your information.

But what about costs that are not so easy to calculate?

When you lose your files and folders, the cost to recover your data from a hard drive is more than just measurable fees. Remember, your server went down for five whole days—a full week of work. That means you not only lost nearly $50k in measurable fees, but your hard drive recovery costs also may include:

  • Lost Customers
  • Re-entering Accounting Data
  • Re-entering Business Data
  • Potential Lawsuits (HIPAA or PCI violations)
  • Claim on Your EI Insurance
  • Lost Reputation
  • Lost Sales

Your hard drive recovery service cost is now hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars. Could your business survive such a huge financial hit? If you’re like most small businesses in Central PA, the answer is probably not. That’s why having data recovery services from a professional IT company in Lancaster like EZComputer Solutions is well worth it.

Save Money and Take Control of Your Business with
Data Backup Services

With data backup and recovery services from EZComputer Solutions, we’ll ensure that data loss disasters are just a minor inconvenience rather than a full-blown catastrophe. We also protect against the cost to recover data from a hard drive failure since your backups live in the cloud, not an SD card or storage device.

Other benefits of partnering with us for hard drive data recovery include:

Avoid Costly Downtime

If all your accounting, sales, customer, and product information is gone because of a natural or man-made disaster, your employees can’t do their jobs. So you’re left with a bunch of people sitting around costing you money rather than making sales and increasing your profits. Minimize your downtime with our backup data solutions, so your employees can return to their jobs promptly.

Restore Data Quickly

The cost of data recovery when you’re partnering with us will be minimal. In fact, all you have to do is give us a call and ask us to restore your data from the previous night’s backup. We’ll start the process right away to restore your important files within minutes, not days or weeks like data recovery software can take. Plus, our rates of professional data recovery are far higher than what you can get from the software.

Protect Against Human Error

We’ve all been in a position where we’ve accidentally deleted a file or folder and couldn’t get it back. And now, with phishing scams becoming increasingly sophisticated, the likelihood of your employees accidentally clicking on a bad link and losing data is increasing. Rest assured that we can recover lost data from human errors like these quickly so your data recovery cost is minimal and doesn’t harm your image.

Don’t Let Your Business Become Another Statistic

Did you know that about 40-60% of small businesses never recover after a disaster causes them to lose a significant amount of data? Don’t let that be you! Get the reassurance that you can quickly recover your data so that lost files, drive failure, or cybercrime doesn’t break your business.

Why Should I Pay for Data Backup?

The cost of data recovery services is nothing compared to what it would cost you to recover your reputation, the customers you may lose, and the potential lawsuits in case of a data breach. It’s more than just the labor cost for your IT person to get you up and running. It’s all the consequences, insurance claims, and the time to recreate the data in addition to your hard drive recovery cost.

But with EZComputer Solutions, you can rest assured every night that your data is protected and can be restored with a simple phone call. Our data backup services automatically backup every night over the internet. You no longer need to worry about rotating and storing tapes; enjoy the ease of knowing we have you covered digitally.

We provide plenty of cloud storage space to back up every file you need and testing capabilities to ensure your backups are working successfully. Get started today securing your business with our IT services for the Lancaster, York, and Harrisburg areas.

Why Choose Us for Your Data Recovery Services?

Besides the low cost of our data recovery services, when you choose EZComputer Solutions to help with your IT needs, you’re getting a reliable, local, and responsive business partner. We care about your company’s success as much as you do, which is why we make the recovery process easy if and when you need it. All you must do is:

1. Give us a call when you notice an issue with your data.

Chances are, we may already be working on a solution since our monitoring system alerts us immediately when there’s an issue.

2. Our experts will restore your data

The unique programs we use to backup and restore your data have the best encryption and compliance support programs, so you know your data is safe.

3. Get Back to Work

With your data safely restored and the threat eliminated, you and your team can get back to work quickly.

For over 15 years, small and medium-sized businesses in Lancaster, York, and Harrisburg, PA, have trusted us to protect their business. We understand how important data is to your business. We go to great lengths to ensure your backups are working and you can access your information anytime and anywhere you need it.

Take Control Over the Cost of Data Recovery. Contact Us Today!

When it comes down to it, the cost of data recovery services in Lancaster, York, and Harrisburg is far less than what you’ll have to pay if you experience a cyberattack, data breach, or natural disaster. Don’t let your business be taken down because of a single click on a bad link or a server crash with a hard drive data recovery cost of more than $50k.

Instead, trust the experts at EZComputer Solutions to not only backup your data with redundant, daily backups but to also restore the data quickly in the event of a data loss incident. Get started today by getting in touch with our team!