5 Simple Questions to Decide if You Need IT Consulting

Many small business owners don’t believe us when we tell them their technology should be saving them money while supporting their business goals, and even driving growth.

After all, many organizations—both large and small—spend a significant amount of money and time on their tech equipment and resources. And most traditional IT service providers, including in-house IT departments, focus solely on fixing problems as they crop up, which is an inefficient and expensive approach.

So, how do you turn the tides on your technology to get it working for your business instead of being a constant source of frustration and spending?

The answer is IT consulting from a qualified professional IT solutions expert like us here at EZComputer Solutions. Sure, we fix problems, but we also help you identify and avoid issues before they even start! IT consultants advise you on how to proactively manage, monitor, and maintain your network so everything just works.

Still not sure you need help from the IT pros? Answer these easy questions to discover if your business could benefit from technology consulting.

1. Do Your Employees Spend Significant Time Fighting With Their Computers?

As we’ve shared in the past, most office workers waste about 91 hours per year troubleshooting computer problems on their own. Let that number sink in for a second—that’s about 22 minutes of lost productivity every single workday!

Whether your employees are spending valuable time sitting on hold with tech support half a world away or Googling how to get their new printer to work, you can help them reclaim those lost hours with managed IT support.

But how do you know if your staff is really battling technology as much as the average suggests? IT consulting can help you gain insight with audits of your current systems and network to help isolate recurring problems your employees are encountering. 

2. Do You Worry About Your Data Security?

We have to be honest—this is a trick question. Whether you answered “yes” or “no,” you likely need IT consulting to help ensure that you’re doing everything you should to protect your business online—especially if you’ve made little intentional effort to secure your business’s most vulnerable data resources.

While you may not agree that our country is engaged in an all-out “cyberwar” with hackers from hostile nations around the world, it’s undeniable that cybercrime and data breaches are on the rise—and smaller businesses are at particular risk.

You may have taken some steps toward increasing cybersecurity in your business, including setting up antivirus software and training your employees to identify phishing emails, but are you sure you’re truly protected? IT consulting can assess your current data security protocols and instill confidence that you have the best defenses in place.

3. Have You Created Disaster Recovery Plans?

With extreme weather events like hurricanes and tornados ravaging cities across the country, disaster recovery planning is a hot topic for even the smallest businesses now.

After all, estimates suggest that as many as 60% of small businesses don’t recover after experiencing a crisis like a fire, flood, or major storm damage. And, if you don’t have plans on file that address keeping your business up and running during and immediately following a disaster, you’re putting your company at incredible risk.

We realize that disaster planning can be tricky, though. You may not have any idea where to begin when it comes to setting up secure remote access to your network and ensuring that all your most valuable data resources are adequately backed up, for instance. Again, this is just one of the many areas in which professional IT consultants can advise and guide you.

4. Do You Get A Headache Trying to Stay Up to Date with Tech?

While plenty of small business owners and managers enjoy keeping up with technology advancements, it can be a full-time job tracking all the latest tools, apps, and systems that might benefit your operations. And when will you even have time to implement those resources?

If you’re too busy to read all the tech blogs you’d like—or if this sounds more like a punishment than a fun way to spend your time—you need to free yourself of one more responsibility. Outsource the technology trend-watching to a professional IT consultant. After all, it’s their job to stay informed of industry news and keep their clients up to date. Save yourself a headache and find out how we can help you stay a step ahead without having to pay constant attention to information technology news!

5. Are You Even Getting The Right Information to Make IT Decisions?

As a small business owner, you rely on your IT employees or outsourced tech company to provide you with easy-to-understand reporting to help you make better decisions. Are you getting that today, or are you in the dark when it comes to your network?

If your technology operations are shrouded in mystery, it’s time to get clarity on what’s happening in that segment of your business. Stop simply writing checks for “break-fix” IT services and learn to utilize your technology to save money, increase productivity, and provide better service to your customers.

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