TechTip: Top 3 VoIP Phone Myths

Many businesses are hesitant to try Voice Over IP (or VoIP) phones because you’ve heard rumors that they’re unreliable or expensive. Let’s take a look at the top 3 VoIP most common myths to set the records straight.

Myth #1: VoIP is unreliable

VoIP does requires an internet connection to work. But think about it: what do you do nowadays that DOESN’T require an internet connection? If you have reliable internet service, VoIP gives you reliable phones as well.

Even if you do lose power or internet at your office, your VoIP system can forward calls to your cell phone or another connected device.

Myth #2: Call quality is poor

In the early days, internet-based calling got a bad reputation for poor call quality. But we’re not dealing with dial-up connections anymore.

With a reliable broadband internet connection, modern VoIP phones sound just as good as a landline.

Myth #3: It’s not really going to save me money

This one just isn’t true. VoIP is cheaper than a landline. It’s also easier to setup, easier to maintain, and makes long-distance calling easier, which all means savings for you

What many people don’t realize is VoIP phones from a small business IT services provider like us can save you money, even if you already have a VoIP plan from one of the big companies like Verizon or Comcast, because you don’t have to pay expensive fees for every extension.

We’ve slashed phone bills by 50, 60, even 80%.

Save Money on Your Next Phone Bill

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