How to Know if Hackers Have Stolen Your Passwords

Hackers could be stealing your passwords right now, and chances are, you’d never know until it was too late. When they’d already breached your network, stolen files, or locked you out of your accounts.

Unfortunately, most small businesses are unaware and unprepared for cyberattacks. The average time to identify a data breach is 287 days (that’s more than 9 months!) What’s worse–your employees are getting tricked into GIVING access to the criminals through increasingly clever scams and phishing attacks. In fact, 90% of security breaches are unintentional and caused by human error.

How do you prevent your business from becoming a hacker’s unwitting victim?

Our cybersecurity experts at EZComputer Solutions recommend a full cybersecurity package including our dark web scanning service: Password Watchdog.

Protect Your Business with Password Watchdog

Password Watchdog is a stolen password detection and training service.

It alerts you when hackers are stealing your credentials and helps train your employees to stop giving them away.

By combining 24/7 stolen password monitoring and cybersecurity training, Password Watchdog arms your staff with the knowledge you need to protect your business and keep hackers out.

How Password Watchdog Works

1. Detect Stolen Passwords

Hackers use the dark web and hidden websites to buy and sell your stolen information. We monitor the dark web and hacker sites 24/7 to look for your stolen passwords, credit card numbers, social security numbers, and more. You’ll get an alert if any of your information is compromised.

Detect Stolen Passwords

2. Phish your Staff

Phishing emails are dangerous because they’re the most common way cybercriminals steal your passwords. We’ll send simulated phishing emails to test your staff. You can see who’s clicking on them, so you know who needs more training to keep you safe.

Phishing Example Statistics

3. Educate & Train

Human error is still one of the leading causes of data breaches. We’ll send training videos and quizzes to educate your team about cybersecurity and train them have safer computing habits. The goal is to turn your employees into your best defense, rather than your weakest links.

Cyber Training

Get a Free Stolen Password Scan

Have you been hacked already? Find out if your passwords are secure with a free stolen password scan.

Stop making it easy for the hackers. Request a free scan today and let us show you how Password Watchdog can keep your passwords and your business safe.

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