Why You Need to Back Up Microsoft Office 365

If you accidentally delete a file, or need to find an old, deleted email, what do you do?

If you use Microsoft Office, you probably check your Recycle Bin or Deleted Items folder.

But what if it’s weeks or even months later when you realize you need it?

You may be shocked to learn that your data is gone for good.

For most versions of Microsoft Office 365, the retention period is only 30 days for email and 93 days for files.

In other words: not long enough to guarantee you can get your data back if you need it.

Especially if you work in the medical or financial field, you’re required to keep your files for years. You can’t risk accidentally deleting records and not being able to get them back.

That’s why we recommend Office Saas Backup services for all our Microsoft 365 customers.

With Saas Backup, we provide automated daily backups of Microsoft 365 with unlimited storage and retention.

That means you can recover emails, documents, calendars, tasks, and more from any point in time.

If you want to protect your data and need long-term archiving and storage, talk to us about Microsoft 365 with Office Saas Backup today.