What is a Password Manager, and Why Does Your Business Need One?

Studies suggest that the average person has 100-150 online accounts. And you’re supposed to have strong, unique passwords for each one. But it’s hard to remember 10 different passwords, much less 100!

So what happens? You end up using simpler passwords, reusing them across multiple accounts, and even writing them down on sticky notes at your desk. Definitely not secure.

The same thing is happening across your entire business. Employees are using weak passwords again and again, and even sharing passwords across chat and email, which leaves them even more vulnerable to hackers.

There’s an easier (and WAY more secure way) to keep track of all your passwords: A password manager.

What is a Password Manager?

A password manager is a secure online vault where you can store and access your passwords. Using a business password manager makes it easy to keep your company’s online credentials secure and share them with the appropriate people in your organization.

Benefits of a Business Password Manager

Here are a few big benefits of a business password manager:

1. You only need to remember one password

With a password manager, you just need to remember one single master password to access all your other passwords.

2. Ensure everyone is using strong, unique passwords

Since you don’t have to remember complicated passwords, it’s easy to use a different strong password for each account. Plus, you can set policies to ensure all your employees are following password best practices.

3. Share passwords securely

Email is not a secure way to share passwords. Emails can easily be hacked, intercepted, or accidentally sent to the wrong person. With a password manager, you can share passwords across your organization and control who has access to which credentials.

4. Fast access

No more fumbling with typos or password recovery. Password managers make it fast and easy to access your passwords and can autofill login screens so you don’t even have to type.

5. Easily change passwords

Whether you’ve had an account hacked, or an employee leave, changing passwords is important for your cybersecurity. A password manager makes it easy to change passwords with a single click and keep everyone in the loop.

6. Store more than passwords

You can securely store and share other sensitive information like credit card numbers, security questions, software licenses, and more.

Secure Your Passwords Today

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