The Trouble With IT Troubleshooting

Imagine you turn on your computer one day, and you get a weird error message.

You think, “I’ll just take a screenshot and send it to my IT guy. I’m sure he’ll know how to fix it.”

But after you send it, your IT guy calls you back with all these questions:

  • What were you doing when you got the error?
  • Have you made any changes to your computer recently?
  • What version of Windows are you running?
  • Do you have the latest patches?

You probably don’t know half the answers, and suddenly this little troubleshooting issue is a big pain.

The good news is: there’s a better way!

The Trick to Easier Troubleshooting

Our IT support team knows the trick to easier troubleshooting is visibility.

Your computer network has so many devices, programs, and connections that finding the root of the problem is often like finding the needle in a haystack.

That’s why we offer an IT troubleshooting and reporting tool that allows us to trace your computer’s history back, so we can see exactly what changed and when.

This saves both of us a lot of detective work and lets us pinpoint and resolve issues faster.

So if you’re tired of endless troubleshooting that never seems to fix the problem, give us a call, and see what reliable and responsive IT support is like.