Why The Right Computer Guy Shouldn’t Cost You a Dime

How much do you spend every year supporting your network? If you’re like most business owners, you probably don’t like to think about it.

When you do think about it, you probably think in terms of the hardware you purchased or the time your IT company spent fixing a variety of glitches, issues, and problems. To you, IT support is a cost of doing business, an expense you wish you could eliminate.

The truth is that the right computer guy will make you think differently about the cost of IT support. That’s because the right computer guy will save you far more money than he costs you, becoming a valuable asset your business can’t live without. Here’s how…

The Right Computer Guy Reduces Your Soft Costs

What are soft costs, you ask? A soft cost occurs any time your systems are not functioning the way they should be, resulting in downtime and lost productivity.
The right computer guy takes a proactive approach to your computer systems and your network. Instead of waiting until things break, fixing them, and then sending you a bill, the right computer guy prevents many problems by fixing small issues before they become big ones. This increases productivity and reduces your soft costs.
Do any of these situations sound familiar?

  • Your server is down and several employees are grouped together in the hallways talking about the problem, wondering when it will be fixed.
  • A group of employees is huddled around a co-worker’s computer helping them print something or figure out what an error message means.
  • Several staff members are grumbling about not being able to open documents fast enough or having to reboot their computers several times a day.
  • Several customers become frustrated with your customer service staff because they are not able to pull up the information they need to help the customers. “Our system is down right now, sorry…”

How much is downtime costing your business each year? Check out this simple downtime calculator to find out.
While no IT company will ever promise to eliminate soft costs and downtime from your life completely, the IT company that takes a proactive approach can greatly reduce the downtime you experience, saving you time, money, and frustration.
This approach, known throughout the industry as managed IT services, might just revolutionize the way you think about your IT guy or even send you looking for a new one.

The Right Computer Guy Prepares is Your Insurance Policy

The right IT guy becomes an insurance policy for your business, preparing you to face the worst circumstances and helping you prevent disaster whenever possible. From ongoing hacker attempts, viruses, and spyware, to deadly disasters like fire, flood, theft, or violent storm, the right IT guy protects your vital systems in a variety of ways.
brace yourself the internet is coming
Here are a few of the biggest:

Security Protection

The right IT guy will setup multi-layered security technology and monitor your network 24/7. This keeps the bad guys out and your network and your data safe. Each layer acts as a gatekeeper, making it more difficult for hackers, viruses, and other intrusions to penetrate your defenses.

Backup Solutions

The right IT guy will make sure your critical data is backed up securely and accurately. One of the first things they’ll check is that your backup system is actually working correctly. So many companies think they are backing up their systems, only to find out at a critical moment that the backup system wasn’t working or was damaged or corrupt.
How would your business fare if you lost all of your critical data?

Disaster Recovery Planning

The right IT guy will discuss disaster recovery planning with you in detail and help you create a viable plan of action for multiple contingencies. They’ll help you answer questions like:

  • What would I do if my building burned to the ground and my servers were destroyed?
  • How would I protect my data if there was a major disaster in the area?
  • What would happen if a burglar stole all of our computer systems?

In short, the right IT guy will take the phrase “better safe than sorry” to the next level, ensuring you’re prepared if the worst happens, saving you time and money in the process.

The Right Computer Guy Supports Your Business Growth

The right computer guy won’t just keep your network up and running, monitor your security, or fix your problems. The right computer guy is a valuable asset who can contribute greatly to your business growth and the achievement of future goals.
Here are just some of the ways your IT guy can help you save money and prepare you for what’s ahead:

Leveraging Technology for Improved Efficiency

The right IT guy will help you leverage your technology to increase your efficiency and improve your processes. Whether it’s suggesting a multi-monitor setup for your employees’ computers to improve multitasking, installing better spam filtering capabilities to reduce time spent on email, or setting up secure remote connections so you and your staff can work from anywhere, the right IT guy is focused on making the most of your current technology to improve productivity and help you reach your business goals.

Creating a Plan for Technology Upgrades

The technology landscape is always changing. The right IT guy will make sure that you’re prepared for those changes by creating a plan for future upgrades that takes your needs and budget into account.
Creating a plan helps you anticipate future hardware purchases without facing expensive surprises down the road. With the right plan in place, you may choose to buy a more expensive server or higher-priced hardware that will provide better service life and reduced costs in the long run.

Offering Advice to Keep Your Business on Track

The right IT guy is a great resource to call on anytime you have a technology question. The best IT guys focus on building lasting relationships with their clients and welcome your ideas and questions. In short, your IT guy should be a trusted partner you turn to when you need advice, much like an accountant or attorney.
As you can see, having the right IT guy on your side can make the difference between paying a bill and working with a trusted partner that has your business’ best interests at heart.
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