Are Your Employees Giving Away Your Passwords?!

As a business owner, the last thing you want is for your critical information to be compromised. It puts you, your business, and your customers at risk.

I know, you’re thinking, “Tom, I know this. I use unique passwords for everything, I don’t keep them on a sticky note or my desktop, and I definitely don’t send them by email or text”.

But what about your team?

Believing in them to keep your passwords secure might feel like a show of trust, but it’s a gamble that could leave your business vulnerable to attacks.

It’s not about intent. Nobody plans to hand over their passwords to hackers. But we’re living in a time where emails, social media, and mobile apps are intertwined with our daily routines, which means the likelihood of employees being deceived into compromising your network has skyrocketed.

So how do you keep your employees from accidentally giving away your passwords? Here are 3 questions to ask yourself, and how to move forward.

1.    Are your passwords already stolen?

Before you even start thinking about how to prevent password theft, you should make sure that your passwords aren’t already stolen.

You might think they’re safe under lock and key, but the reality is, passwords can be stolen without you even knowing it.

Your business credentials might already be on the dark web. But how can you be sure?

We have an easy solution. We offer FREE dark web scans. We can scan the dark web for your credentials and alert you to potential breaches.

This will show you what information is already stolen.

2.    Are your employees accidentally giving up your passwords?

So, let’s say your passwords are stolen. We’ve fixed the problem for you, but now you have to figure out how it happened in the first place.

Even when everyone’s trying their best, sometimes employees might accidentally become the weakest part of your company’s online safety.

Have you ever received an email that seems completely legit at first, but the more you look at it, something just doesn’t feel right? Maybe it’s a weird request for information or a slightly off email address.

This is called “phishing”, and its how criminals often hack into your business.

To figure out who might accidentally fall for these tricks, we can run a “phishing test.”

It’s like a practice drill that helps you see which of your team members might need help learning to spot these sneaky attacks.

We’ll send fake emails that look like real phishing attempts, asking for personal information like usernames, passwords, and credit card numbers. And when an employee clicks, you’ll know who needs help.

3.    How do you prevent your employees from doing it again in the future?

After figuring out who needs extra guidance, we can start teaching them the signs to look out for.

This step is important because it makes your business much safer from online dangers. Knowing what to do is powerful, especially when you’re trying to stop hackers from breaking in again.

Cybersecurity training isn’t just about spotting dangers. It’s about creating safety principles in your team.

We offer short training videos and straightforward tips to help your staff understand computer security basics, which significantly reduces the risk of breaches or leaks.

It’s really important to teach your team to keep passwords secure and how to spot phishing emails.

Avoid Password Theft with EZComputer Solutions

Here’s the thing, don’t wait for a hack to see why cybersecurity matters. Let’s protect your business now.

Our Local Central Pennsylvania IT Company services Lancaster, Harrisburg and York and offers a FREE dark web scan. We’re happy to help protect your business by keeping your passwords safe and secure.