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Protect Your Business Against Human Error with ThreatLocker

No matter how good your firewall, antivirus software, or other cybersecurity protections are, people make mistakes. Here’s the problem: your employees are already inside your firewall, so when they click on things they shouldn’t, your traditional protections may not detect the threat. 

ThreatLocker protects against human error and stops threats your other protections miss by preventing users from running any unauthorized programs on your computers. Let us help you get the application security you deserve so that you can focus on running your business.

Can I Just Get By With Antivirus Software?

Antivirus software is not enough to protect your network and computers from all cybersecurity threats. These programs prohibit and eliminate known threats. Yet, every day, hackers are developing new and more sophisticated ways to attack your network, which are unknown to your antivirus program.

Rather than only blocking known threats, as antivirus does, ThreatLocker takes the opposite approach. It only allows trusted programs to run.

How ThreatLocker Protects Your Business Against Human Error

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How Does ThreatLocker Work?

1. Learning Stage

ThreatLocker audits your network to learn what files and programs you and your employees use regularly. From there, we build security policies that make sense for your business.

2. Turn on Protections

Your computers are secured, and ThreatLocker will block any unauthorized program from running. You will get an alert if ThreatLocker detects any programs trying to run that aren’t allowed.

3. Request Access

If ThreatLocker blocks a legitimate program, you can request access. We can review the request to ensure the program is safe and grant access immediately. Then, you can get back to running and growing your business.

Don’t let one employee’s wrong click be the action that allows cybercriminals to access your entire network and database. ThreatLocker gives you an added layer of cybersecurity protection that prevents these types of mistakes from happening. Best of all, we can help you install and monitor this advanced endpoint protection, so you can get back to business fast.

How Can I Add ThreatLocker to My Business?

The best cybersecurity plan is a multi-layered approach. Rather than relying on traditional antivirus software alone, add security against unknown threats with ThreatLocker. This advanced endpoint protection program can detect threats and deny their access by verifying applications before they can run on your computers or network. And getting it for your business is as simple as scheduling a consultation with our team.

We can help get ThreatLocker installed on your network so that it can immediately begin the learning stage to understand what applications to allow. Then, your business will be protected from other programs that try to run on your network. If you need to add a new program, simply respond to the alert on your screen, and our team will review it. If it’s safe, you will get immediate access.

Protect your business from costly mistakes and human error by contacting us for your security consultation today!

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ThreatLocker FAQs

ThreatLocker is one layer of security software necessary for a well-rounded cybersecurity program. Get answers to your frequently asked questions about ThreatLocker here.

What is ThreatLocker?

ThreatLocker is a zero-trust security tool that prevents unauthorized programs from running on your computers. It learns and allows the applications and files you use regularly and blocks all others from your network.

I already have antivirus software. Why do I need this?

Even the best antivirus software only stops viruses IF it correctly identifies them as a threat. Zero-trust software like ThreatLocker takes the opposite approach by only allowing a specific list of trusted software to run.

Why do I need to protect against human error?

Nearly 9 out of 10 data breaches are caused by human error. The greatest threat to your network isn’t hackers, viruses, or malware. It’s your employees who–often unknowingly–click on things they shouldn’t.

What is application whitelisting?

Application whitelisting is essentially what ThreatLocker does during its learning phase. It adds trusted programs that you use daily to a “whitelist” or “allow list” so that you can continue using those programs once protections are turned on. Applications can be added to these safe lists by requesting access from your IT team.