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Malware and ransomware attacks are a constant threat to small businesses. Attacks like WannaCry have wreaked havoc on businesses like yours, eluding virtually all antivirus software and computer security systems, except for Bitdefender.

Bitdefender consistently ranks #1 in independent tests for protection, performance, and usability. It will detect and stop more threats BEFORE they reach you and your employees, all while putting less strain on your computer systems than other antivirus software. 

Why Choose BitDefender?

Future of Cybersecurity

Next-Gen Protection 

Hackers are constantly inventing new viruses and malicious software to attack your network. Using machine learning perfected over more than 10 years, Bitdefender can accurately identify new security risks and block even the most sophisticated ransomware.

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Powerful But Light 

Other antivirus products slow down your machines or generate tons of false positives that can cause headaches to check and resolve. Bitdefender consistently ranks #1 for the lightest possible impact on protected systems. 

Antivirus and More

More Than Just Antivirus 

Bitdefender does much more than just scan for viruses. It provides enhanced cybersecurity services by actively monitoring for attacks, exploits, and malicious behavior and discovering unsafe or out-of-date software that may be putting your business at risk. 

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