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IT Consulting - Leverage Your Technology to Fuel Your Business Growth

What if we told you that your technology should be saving you money and providing a competitive advantage that fuels your business growth?

Sound impossible? It isn't.

The truth is that your network should be supporting your business, not costing you an arm and a leg. The key is in learning to leverage your technology to increase productivity, improve efficiency and make your job easier.

EZComputer Solutions can help get you there with strategic IT consulting that keeps your business one step ahead!

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Tame Your Technology and Get the Most from Your Network

While most IT consulting companies focus almost exclusively on fixing problems, EZComputer Solutions takes a much broader view when it comes to managing your technology.

We segment your technology needs into distinct components including infrastructure and strategy to provide integrated, seamless support.

Proactive Technology Management
  • + Patch Management
  • + Anti-Spyware Management
  • + Spam Management
  • + Desktop Organization
  • + Documentation
  • + Remote Backup Dedicated Network Admin
Computer Networking Administration
  • + Technology Checklist
  • + Best Practices
  • + Centralized Service Report Review
  • + Audits
  • + Monthly Onsite Time
Technology Consulting
  • + Technology Summary
  • + Design Desk Resources
  • + Budget Planning
  • + Business Impact of Technology Decisions
  • + Vendor Liaison Customer Support Team
Customer Support Team
  • + Help Desk Support
  • + On-Site Support
  • + Problem Isolation & Resolution
  • + "How To" Questions
  • + Remote Support Software

The first step is fixing any existing issues and getting your technology house in order. Next, we setup a plan to manage, monitor, and maintain your network to keep things running smoothly.

Then it's time for the real magic to begin.

With your network running smoothly, you free up resources to begin making more strategic technology decisions. Instead of worrying about money spent on unforeseen repairs, you're able to weigh your options for future upgrades.

We start having conversations about the software you're using, how you can help your employees work more efficiently, and how your network should evolve to take advantage of newer technologies on the horizon.

In short, we help you utilize your technology to save money, increase productivity and provide better service to your customers. We become more than just your IT consultant. We become your partner and advisor, keeping you one step ahead.

Over time, this proactive, strategic approach to technology gives you a competitive advantage, helps you grow your business and increases your bottom line. What could be better than that?

Our Service Area

EZComputer Solutions provides top-notch IT consulting throughout Central Pa including Lancaster, Harrisburg, York, Lebanon, and Reading, PA.

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