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Trustworthy and Effective Local Government IT Solutions

As a small government operation, your network and systems must always be available. You don’t want the struggle or frustration of an unresponsive network separating you from the public. Have you dealt with complaints from citizens who can’t access important information? We want to help you reduce complaints and wasted man-hours by offering our local government IT solutions.

Local government is different from the private sector. You have likely experienced growing pains when you or a co-worker have come from the private sector and had to adjust to public service. And once you’ve adjusted, finding the right tools and systems that work is even more difficult. Come to the team that understands what makes IT solutions for local government different from other solutions.

From local municipalities to police forces, public utilities, and more, we have experience providing government IT solutions throughout the Lancaster, Harrisburg, and York areas. Let us take the IT work off your shoulders and keep your network running smoothly!

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IT Services for Lancaster, York, and Harrisburg Local Governments

Local government IT solutions need to be trustworthy and transparent, just like you are. Your system likely sees the personal information of hundreds of people every day. And you likely have just as many people asking for information. You can’t risk your system being hacked or failing outright. We’ve worked with multiple government agencies throughout the Lancaster, York, and Harrisburg areas to offer tailored plans, including robust security solutions for your systems and data.

Some of the major benefits and local government IT solutions we offer include:

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Get Proactive Maintenance

When you work with us, you have a team of support that will work around the clock to keep your system working at its best! Proactive support is the best way to prevent network outages, hackers, data loss, and countless other issues that could hurt your office’s uptime. We do this by staying on top of your updates, maintenance, and monitoring your systems for irregularities. Look forward to the peace of mind that only proactive, 24/7 support and monitoring can bring.

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Receive Tailored Support

You need an IT team that understands your organization, and our support team has worked with hundreds of local companies across many industries, including many public services and government offices. Trust in IT solutions for local government that knows the difference between public and private sector needs. Many companies have only a few support packages and options – but we tailor our support options to your needs. Learn more about our IT support options!

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Enjoy a Faster Network

A public sector network must always be ready, have high levels of security, and be readily accessible to everyone on staff. You have a constant flow of work that you don’t want to ignore to troubleshoot your system. We will do everything we can to smooth out, upgrade, and optimize your network so that you get the most out of it. You deserve a network that fits your needs, with software and services that make sense. Let us help keep your network WORKING while you focus on doing what you do best.

Security You Can Trust

Local government IT solutions can be complicated. You have a network that needs to be open and accessible but also have air-tight security. This balance is difficult, but we can provide IT support that includes security and privacy as number one priorities. Don’t lose sleep over concerns of hackers, data loss, or viruses. Invest in a team that will provide constant monitoring of new cyber threats and educate your team to help prevent future accidents.

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Stay Connected to the Cloud

Small public offices need to be at the forefront of any changes in technology. Staying up-to-date is difficult for government bodies, but small offices can lead the charge into the future of cloud-based data centers. You need the always-on access and networking that the cloud will provide to you. We will conduct a full interview to learn more about what your office’s needs are, and we can help determine if the cloud is right for you—schedule a call today!

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Communicate via safe and Secure VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a system of funneling phone, text, video, and more through your internet connection. This allows your public office to stay connected to the people no matter where you are physically. You won’t be tied to physical phone lines, have to pay for expensive phone services, or worry about dropping a call. You’ll never miss a call again! Ask us more about if VoIP IT solutions for local governments are right for you!

Don’t Settle for Less: Get Local Government IT Solutions You Can Trust

Working with the public requires transparency, accessibility, communication, and trust. A local government must be very particular about who they work with. You can’t risk having systems that are unreliable or unsecure by working with IT solutions that aren’t built around your needs. Choose a partner that will handle all your IT worries and become your IT team from Day 1.

Our work with small government and public services throughout Lancaster, Harrisburg, and York has provided us with a background in the unique nature of your situation. Local government IT solutions might look completely different from place to place. Get the service you can trust to meet the specific needs of your local community.