Responsive Computer Services for
Lancaster, PA Small Businesses

Your computer is supposed to be a tool that opens up doors—but a slow or unresponsive computer will drag you down. Your desktop might as well be a brick if it’s slow or unresponsive. And if you get hacked, now your technology is a weapon used against you! You shouldn’t have to waste time troubleshooting your computer troubles when your time could be better spent elsewhere.

Other computer services companies are frustratingly slow, and support agents can be hard to track down. And, of course, when your computer is fixed, new problems start the headaches all over again. You might think that the only answer is to spend big bucks on an entirely new system, but the hassle of getting a computer fixed just the way you like is an entirely new problem.

Picture your computer just how you like it: working quickly and keeping your business data safe and secure. No more worrying if you’ll randomly disconnect from that weekly video chat or seeing error messages every time you boot up.

Let us help you achieve that dream. We are EZComputer Solutions, a computer services company in Lancaster, PA. We are here to help you find long-lasting solutions to your computer service needs, both big and small. Call us today for a consultation, or keep reading to learn more about how we can help!

When your computer fails at its job, you struggle to do yours – while we offer managed services to prevent computer troubles, we also offer active computer services in Lancaster, PA, to set your computer right and get you back on track.

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Virus Removal

Many businesses don’t even realize that they’ve been attacked, and weeks could go by before you can identify and resolve a problem. Our robust virus solutions and cybersecurity packages will remove current viruses and malware and prevent future attacks from succeeding.

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Data Recovery and Backup

Data loss can freeze your business, prevent you from working for clients, and put your oldest working relationships at risk. Trust in our professional data recovery methods to restore you to a working state and ensure your business continuity with your very own data backup service.

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Network Optimization

A slow network can be caused by any number of issues, from overloaded servers to viruses to simple organization issues. Let us run a full diagnostic, and we can help you optimize your network, improving workflow and preventing frustration for your workers and clients.

Big computer services build their services around big business needs. This is why you fall through the cracks when you go to them for computer services, they aren’t there for you because they don’t think you’re worth their time.

Here are a few of the ways you will see that we don’t just respect your needs – we prioritize them.

Urgent computer issues can’t be resolved fast enough. You don’t want to sit through a long computerized phone system that will have you sitting and pressing ‘1’ over and over until you finally get a service agent.

We answer the phones LIVE, so you will immediately get a friendly voice asking exactly what the problem is and getting you the help you need ASAP.

How often have you had a technician arrive with a ‘quick computer fix,’ only to have your problem resurface an hour later? Or have you had to re-explain issues multiple times – to a manager, a customer service agent, or the tech – it’s frustrating and inefficient.

When you choose us, you’ll work with only the most experienced local technicians who won’t need you to repeat yourself a hundred times.

Did you know something like 90% of roofing damage is caused by mishandling and error during installation? Computer networks are the exact same way, where little mistakes are made on installation. After just a few years, your network is patched with duct tape and barely holding together.

We don’t do fast and easy bandages. We are experienced in fixing underlying issues and setting up your network for long-lasting success. We know that a well-built network isn’t just faster. It has fewer security weak points and is more flexible for the future.

Solve Your Tech Pain with Computer Services in Lancaster, PA

You know how frustrating it is to be stuck with a system that just isn’t working and how much of a waste of time a broken computer can be. Don’t spend your money on cheap computer service companies that take hours to send a technician who gives you a short-term ‘solution.’ Call a company that offers computer services in Lancaster, PA, and see the difference made by a forward-thinking company that doesn’t just want to fix your computer but who wants to solve your problems.

Take the first step towards a faster business. Call us today! Our team of IT experts is ready and able to get your business onto the right footing for the future. Small businesses like ours need to work together and support the community, and the way to do that is by doing what we do best. And our best work is our tireless focus on fixing up systems and giving you the advantage of a smoother working life.