Hacker stealing password and username

How to Know if Hackers Have Stolen Your Passwords

Hackers could be stealing your passwords right now, and chances are, you’d never know until it was too late. When they’d already breached your network, stolen files, or locked you out of your accounts. Unfortunately, most small businesses are unaware … Read more

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TechTip: The Truth About Small Business Cybersecurity

Many small businesses think they don’t have to worry about cybersecurity because they’re small and hackers are only after the big companies. Think again. Nearly half of all cyber attacks target small businesses. Why? Small businesses don’t have the resources … Read more

Cartoon of cybercriminals doing common cyber attacks against a computer

The 7 Most Common Cyber Attacks You Need to Know About

Does your company have an extra couple of million dollars lying around? If you’re like most small businesses in the Lancaster, PA, area, your answer is probably no. And that means that you cannot afford to be without proper cybersecurity … Read more

a data center with two cloud storage symbols on the floor

How Does Cloud Storage Work? Plus 8 More FAQs About the Cloud

Smart business owners are always looking for ways to increase productivity, improve operations, and mitigate risks. One way many companies like yours in Lancaster, Harrisburg, and York are achieving these goals is through the cloud. Unless your head has been in the clouds, you probably have heard about “The Cloud” before but might not know what it meant. Or, you heard about it, and the jargon used to describe it made little to no sense to you.

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5 reasons your business will love cloud storage

5 Reasons Your Business Will Love Cloud Storage

If you’re a small business owner near Lancaster, PA, you may be unaware of a significant threat to your company: in-house data storage. Just imagine if a natural or manufactured disaster struck your business. All your proprietary and confidential data is at risk of being lost forever. You need business cloud storage to ensure your data is securely backed up. 

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10 Things You Must Do Now

10 Things You Must Do Now to Prevent Data Loss

Successful businesses in Lancaster, Harrisburg, and York know that their prep work must start today to prevent a data loss disaster tomorrow. It might sound cliché, but proactive maintenance and disaster recovery preparedness are the most efficient way to tackle the latest data breach, malware intrusion, or data storage problem. When anything can happen at any moment—from fires and power outages to theft and human error—most companies can’t afford any amount of data loss—let alone malicious access to their sensitive data for days, weeks, or months at a time.

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