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Simple Compliance Regulation Management for Lancaster, York, and Harrisburg Businesses

As a small business, it’s hard to keep on top of compliance laws and changing regulations. With our Compliance Manager solution, we’ll simplify the process and make it easy for your business to meet compliance requirements, including:

  • ✔️ HIPAA Compliance
  • ✔️ GDPR Compliance
  • ✔️ Cybersecurity Insurance Compliance
  • ✔️ & More

Take the Pain & Misery out of Compliance

Let’s face it: compliance is a nightmare. Compliance laws are complicated, confusing, and constantly changing. And for every compliance requirement you miss, you risk being hit with expensive violation fines that your insurance may refuse to cover if you can’t demonstrate due diligence.

Introducing Compliance Manager

Take the headache out of compliance regulations with the first and only purpose-built Compliance Process Automation platform that does it for you:

  • Streamlines data collection
  • Identifies and prioritizes risks
  • Provides remediation plans
  • Creates required documentation
  • Produces evidence of compliance for audits

Compliance Automation, Not Just Another Checklist

Unlike other compliance regulations solutions, Compliance Manager isn’t simply a laundry list of tasks you need to perform in order to be compliant with laws like HIPAA or GDPR. It’s a powerful automated platform that will help you protect your clients’ personal information. Plus, it will ensure you have the proper policies and security measures in place to protect your business in the event of a compliance audit or data breach.

Ongoing Compliance Scans

Schedule regular scans of your network to automatically identify and prioritize risks. Compliance Manager will report on any non-compliance issues and provide remediation plans to fix what it discovers so you can keep your sensitive customer data safe.

Simple Compliance Documentation

HIPAA compliance, GDPR compliance, and other types of regulations require that you maintain a long list of documentation and policies. Compliance Manager has many of these built-in, or generates easy fill-in-the-blank templates on the fly.

Automated Data Collection

Stop spending hours hunting down information manually. Compliance Manager automatically collects information for you and records everything that’s fixed as evidence of compliance, saving you time and eliminating the mad scramble in the event of a compliance audit.

Compliance for Your Small Business

HIPAA Compliance

Built with the help of leading experts on HIPAA compliance, Compliance Manager will help your medical office or practice:

  • Answer HIPAA compliance questions
  • Find protected health information (PHI) hidden on your computers and network
  • Checks HIPAA Policy & Procedure Validation
  • Generates all required documentation for HIPAA compliance
  • Produces evidence of compliance in the event of an audit

GDPR Compliance

If you work with customers in the European Union, you must comply with GDPR. Compliance Manager guides you through the process:

  • Runs scans of your system to identify potential compliance problems
  • Produces a Risk Treatment Plan to address critical issues
  • Automatically generates required GDPR compliance documents
  • Finds personally identifiable client information that needs protection

Cybersecurity Insurance Compliance

Most businesses don’t realize that even if they have cyber liability insurance, they may not receive a payout if they don’t demonstrate due due diligence. Compliance Manager can help!

  • Systematically documents & provides evidence that you are meeting security requirements
  • Includes pre-built list of standards for top insurance carriers
  • Runs regular scans for compliance gaps
  • Identifies issues that need to be fixed in order to demonstrate due care

Supported By Your Local IT Service Team

Our team of IT professionals at EZComputer Solutions is here to support you every step of the way. We will install and configure your Compliance Manager system to meet your business’s compliance needs. We can also help you fix any compliance requirements you need IT support to address.


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