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how to properly vet it consultants

How to Properly Vet Your It Consultant

A skilled and knowledgeable IT consultant can do wonders for your business, regardless of whether you’re a small business or a larger enterprise. Unfortunately, the reverse is true for IT consultants who are only interested in turning a profit. If their priorities don’t align with yours or they can’t handle your company’s needs, they can cause significant damage to your data infrastructure and your wallet.

How to impement Bring Your Own Device policy

How to Implement Your Own BYOD Policy

BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device, allows employees to work from and access company data from their smartphones and tablets. Many businesses have begun adopting BYOD policies as it gives their employees not only a sense of freedom but because it also saves the company money on tech costs. Telecommuting has risen in popularity with both employers and workers, and a BYOD policy offers a way to ease that transition and make the process more effective. Although BYOD seems straightforward, there are a few integral factors that must be taken into account in its implementation; namely, security and efficiency. There’s also the matter of making the policy worthwhile to employees in the first place.

smartphone password

10 Smartphone Security Tips

For better or worse we are all practically “married” to our phones these days. Our phones go everywhere we go and have access to our most private conversations as well as our most precious memories. But as useful as our phones are, they can also make us vulnerable to attacks by thieves and cyber-criminals determined to access our private information for personal gain. So how can you use these smartphone security tips and avoid being manipulated or attacked by cyber-criminals? Here are some smart tips to keep your smartphone safe.

how to browse safely online

How to Browse Safely Online to Secure Your Computer

Those tiny pop-ups aren’t as harmless as you think. As internet browsing is the go-to method for window shopping, running your business, and socializing, the digital world has had to make many improvements to keep up with the increase in activity.  What few realize is that consumers and businesses aren’t the only ones becoming tech-savvy. Hackers have also joined the fray, and as websites become more complex, their methods for infiltrating our computers have evolved. Promises of free downloads, harmless add-ons, and other incentives designed to attract our attention and clicks have made infecting our computers easier than ever. You or your business depends on a computer or network, this means the effects of malware can be devastating.