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TechTip: How Long Would It Take a Hacker to Crack Your Password?

How secure are your passwords? You’ve probably been told to use strong passwords on your accounts. And I hope you do. But the truth is, most people use weak passwords that are easy for hackers to guess. How long would…

How to Know if Hackers Have Stolen Your Passwords

Hacker stealing password and username
Hackers could be stealing your passwords right now, and chances are, you’d never know until it was too late. When they’d already breached your network, stolen files, or locked you out of your accounts. Unfortunately, most small businesses are unaware…

The 7 Most Common Cyber Attacks You Need to Know About

Cartoon of cybercriminals doing common cyber attacks against a computer
Does your company have an extra couple of million dollars lying around? If you’re like most small businesses in the Lancaster, PA, area, your answer is probably no. And that means that you cannot afford to be without proper cybersecurity…

Hackers, Passwords and the Dark Web: What You Need to Know

the dark web
Criminals love stealing credentials, and too many people are handing them the keys to the kingdom. A recent study by Verizon showed that 91% of phishing attacks targeted the user’s credentials. Why? Because stealing your username and password is the…

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