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What is the Dark Web, and Why Should Small Businesses Care?

Dark Web
By now, you have likely heard of the Dark Web. Linked to an ever-expanding list of high profile data breaches, identity theft, and other criminal activity, it’s a trending topic on news reports and technical blogs.But what is the Dark…

The Top 5 Worst IT Blunders of 2016

top 5 worst IT blunders of 2016
Last year was a year filled with security gaffes, data breaches, and hacks—many of which were felt country and even nationwide. Well-known organizations such as Yahoo, the NSA, and the IRS each had to deal with their own security breaches…

Insider Threat Rises for Data Breaches

Insider threat rises for data breaches
Data breaches have been a challenge to many businesses over the past twenty years. Cyber criminals have held files for ransom, leaked personally identifiable information (PII) to third parties, and turned millions of dollars’ worth of hardware useless. The threat…

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