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Are passwords going the way of the dinosaurs?

Are Passwords Going the Way of the Dinosaurs?

Passwords are one of the most common methods for securing sensitive information across networks. However, recent trends in the IT community have shown an increasing interest in multi-factor authentication—solutions that go well beyond the password. We covered the essential elements of two-factor authentication in a previous blog post, but the question remains: why have passwords fallen out of favor? The answer is threefold.

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How to Deal with the Rising Threat of Ransomware

Ransomware is on the rise, and its targets range from individuals to government and law enforcement agencies. Hacking and generally malicious cyber activity has always been lucrative for cyber terrorists who often use stolen information to commit identity fraud, or sell sensitive information to third parties. Ransomware is the latest form of malware to capitalize on the potential gains of cybercrime by requesting that victims pay to have their own computers or files unlocked for use. That’s right. They ask you to pay your own ransom.

10 Things You Must Do Now

10 Things You Must Do Now to Prevent a Data Disaster

A successful IT department knows that to address tomorrow’s data disaster, their prep work has to start today. It might sound cliché, but proactive maintenance and disaster recovery preparedness is the most efficient way of tackling the latest data breach, malware intrusion, or data storage problem. When anything can happen at any moment, from fires and power outage, to theft and human error, most companies can’t afford to lose a single file—let alone access to their sensitive data for days, weeks, or months at a time.

content filters keeps employees productive

Why Content Filtering Keeps Employees Productive

Keeping employees productive means no wasted resources. It means a more efficient work place where deadlines are met. Better productivity doesn’t only benefit the CEOs and their bottom line, either; it’s also good for the employees. Feeling a sense of accomplishment and feeling productive can help foster better work ethic and a positive self-image.

mobile malware on the rise

Mobile Malware on the Rise

Some people might be surprised to find that even their mobile devices aren’t safe from malware. Malicious software is no longer confined to desktop computers and the rate of infection for mobile devices is on the rise. As mobile browsing becomes more common and users are able to do more from their smartphones and tablets, hackers have found a new tool with which to wreak havoc: mobile malware.

cyber attack

Missing These Opens Up Your Computer to Cyber-Attacks

Cyber-attacks have been a plague throughout the world this past year, whose victims include government agencies, businesses, international banks, and citizens. No one seems safe from data breaches, and because so many of these cyber terrorists evade capture, the problem seems unending. Anonymous hackers breach servers to dump terabytes of sensitive information, and their victims—often collateral damage—have their social security numbers, emails, names, and more displayed, sold, or exposed for the world to see.

human error

The Most Shocking Threat to Your Small Business Security

Hopefully by now you realize you need to keep a close watch over the security of your PC and other devices (or you’re smart enough to hire us to do it for you). Either way, cyber-crime is BIG business, and small business owners are seen as the low hanging fruit by attackers who are looking for easy-to-steal financial data, passwords and more. But there’s a much bigger threat to small business data security that can not only leak your information out to the masses, but can also corrupt or erase data, screw up operations and bring everything to a screeching halt. What is it? Surprisingly, it’s your employees.

password security

How Long Would It Take To Crack Your Password?

Think about your strongest password. Does it contain more than one non-numeric symbol? How many characters long is it? Most important: can you REMEMBER your strongest password (without writing it down on a sticky note stuck to the corner of your PC screen)? Protecting your online information and computer can easily boil down to having a strong enough password. What, then, makes a password strong? Password strength is a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols you use, or about meeting the minimum or maximum character length. Really, a strong password is a long password.

top five network security mistakes

Top 5 Network Security Mistakes

When it comes to network security, some companies cut corners and suffer the consequences. From hacked emails to leaked documents, the integrity of your network can make or break your business. You may be a brand-new company or one that’s seen the horrors of one too many cracks in the firewall, but the bottom line is this: there are some easily avoided mistakes you could make with your network security. We’ve picked five of the most common network security mistakes to give your company a fighting chance to protect its invaluable information.