IMPORTANT! Mandatory Spam Prevention Changes Coming February 2024

Imagine being asked for your ID at the airport, and when you realize you don’t have it, you can’t get on the plane.

That’s the LAST thing you want to happen with your emails, right?

In February 2024, Google and Yahoo are making big changes to their rules about email authentication and spam prevention.

These changes aren’t just updates; they’re huge steps to enhance email security and reliability.

You might be thinking, “My email is working just fine. I’m not spamming anyone, so do I really need to worry about this?”

YES! and here’s why:

1. Avoid Email Rejection

First and foremost, you don’t want your emails to get rejected.

The new rules require implementing email authentication standards like SPF, DKIM, and DMARC. These are like your ID – they make sure you are who you say you are when sending email.

If you don’t follow these new rules, there’s a bigger chance your emails will end up in the spam folder, or worse, not get delivered at all. Setting up authentication will make sure your emails are trusted and read.

2. Enhanced Email Security

One of the big goals of these changes is to prevent phishing and spam. So by adding email authentication, you’re enhancing your email security–and the security of everyone you send email to.

DMARC ensures your emails are safe and secure, so other people know they’re not annoying phishing scams or spam. Plus, it prevents cybercriminals from impersonating your email and sending out scam emails that look like they’re coming from you.

3. Better User Experience

Finally, these changes are all about providing a better user experience and making things simpler for people on your email list.

You need to make it easy for people to unsubscribe if they want to and keep your spam rate low–like under 0.1%.

How Do You Avoid Getting Marked as Spam?

So what do you need to do to avoid the dreaded “rejection” stamp on your emails?

Here are some actionable steps that every small business owner should take:

First, you need to set up your email authentication protocols. SPF, DKIM, and DMARC will all be mandatory as of February 1, 2024.

SPF validates your sending servers, DKIM makes sure your content isn’t spammy, and DMARC aligns both to maximize email delivery. Basically, set those up and your emails get a green light.

If you’re not sure how to do this, we have a service to handle it all for you. Just give us a call.

Next, you have to educate your team and make sure everyone is on board.

Train your staff on these email protocols and their importance. This ensures everyone handles email communication correctly and securely.

We offer staff training in IT and cybersecurity, to make sure your team are all on the same page when it comes to using their tech safely.

Lastly, regularly monitor your email habits. Watch what you’re sending, and how often you get marked as spam, to avoid dreaded email rejections.

The last thing any small business owner wants is to be blacklisted. Regularly checking to make sure your email is compliant keeps you in the good graces of our Google and Yahoo overlords.

Avoid Being Marked as Spam with EasyDMARC and EZComputer Solutions

It sounds like a lot, but if you take these simple steps before February 2024, you’ll make sure your emails stay safe and deliverable.

If you want help, our Local Central Pennsylvania IT Company services Lancaster, Harrisburg and York, and we offer a simple email authentication service where we’ll handle all this for you to make sure your emails stay safe and get delivered. Give us a call or schedule a consultation to learn more.