The Importance of Cyber Insurance for Your Business

Think of all the things you have insurance for. Your car. Your home. Your business. Even your life.

Why do you buy insurance? Probably not because you love spending money on premiums, right? It’s because you want to be covered in the event something bad happens.

When it comes to your business, one type of threat that many business owners ignore is cyber threats. Between hackers, viruses, data breaches, and more, there’s a lot of bad things that can happen to your technology.

That’s why cyber insurance is such a critical piece to protect your business.

Why Your Business Needs Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance will cover you when a cyber attack happens. Not if– but when. Small businesses are prime targets for cybercriminals, and if you haven’t already been hacked, it’s only a matter of time.

It’s like driving your car. Chances are, you’ve been in an accident, or hit something on the road, or at the very least had a rock break your windshield. Even if you’re the safest driver in the world, eventually you’re going to have a claim.

A good cyber insurance policy will cover costs associated with data breaches and getting hacked, giving you financial security and peace of mind.

Cyber Insurance is Just One Piece of a Good Cybersecurity Plan

But keep in mind that cyber insurance is not enough on its own. Cyber insurance without having cybersecurity measures in place is like having car insurance but never servicing your car. Or having life insurance, but never going to the doctor. You’ll never die, right?

Cyber insurance is just one piece of a good cybersecurity plan, which should include things like network security, antivirus software, data backup, multi-factor authentication, employee training, and more. In fact, many cyber insurance providers require you to have cybersecurity best practices in place to get insured.

Protect Your Business from Cyber Threats

If you’re ready to protect your business from hackers, data breaches, cyber attacks and more, we’re here to help. Our IT team provides small business cybersecurity services designed to keep your business safe, without breaking the bank. Contact us today for a consultation and a free quote.