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Rob Ortiz joined EZMarketing in 2015 as a content strategist. He spends his work days writing blog posts, whitepapers, and anything else the big wigs tell him to write. He spends his free time writing fiction and with his fiance.

top 5 worst IT blunders of 2016

The Top 5 Worst IT Blunders of 2016

Last year was a year filled with security gaffes, data breaches, and hacks—many of which were felt country and even nationwide. Well-known organizations such as Yahoo, the NSA, and the IRS each had to deal with their own security breaches that found millions of user accounts compromised or exposed to malicious third parties. Everything from login details to personally identifiable information (PII) was released or obtained by hackers in 2016; but the attacks didn’t stop with just looted data.

10 Things You Must Do Now

10 Things You Must Do Now to Prevent a Data Disaster

A successful IT department knows that to address tomorrow’s data disaster, their prep work has to start today. It might sound cliché, but proactive maintenance and disaster recovery preparedness is the most efficient way of tackling the latest data breach, malware intrusion, or data storage problem. When anything can happen at any moment, from fires and power outage, to theft and human error, most companies can’t afford to lose a single file—let alone access to their sensitive data for days, weeks, or months at a time.

content filters keeps employees productive

Why Content Filtering Keeps Employees Productive

Keeping employees productive means no wasted resources. It means a more efficient work place where deadlines are met. Better productivity doesn’t only benefit the CEOs and their bottom line, either; it’s also good for the employees. Feeling a sense of accomplishment and feeling productive can help foster better work ethic and a positive self-image.

mobile malware on the rise

Mobile Malware on the Rise

Some people might be surprised to find that even their mobile devices aren’t safe from malware. Malicious software is no longer confined to desktop computers and the rate of infection for mobile devices is on the rise. As mobile browsing becomes more common and users are able to do more from their smartphones and tablets, hackers have found a new tool with which to wreak havoc: mobile malware.

windows 10 update

Avoid Headaches When Upgrading to Windows 10

The buzz surrounding Microsoft’s Windows 10 shouldn’t be anything new to those considering the newest upgrade. You’ve either been pressured by the little box on the bottom right of your screen to make the switch, or you can’t escape the office debates, but no matter how you look at it, upgrading to Windows 10 is a big deal.

cyber attack

Missing These Opens Up Your Computer to Cyber-Attacks

Cyber-attacks have been a plague throughout the world this past year, whose victims include government agencies, businesses, international banks, and citizens. No one seems safe from data breaches, and because so many of these cyber terrorists evade capture, the problem seems unending. Anonymous hackers breach servers to dump terabytes of sensitive information, and their victims—often collateral damage—have their social security numbers, emails, names, and more displayed, sold, or exposed for the world to see.