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How Do I Know If My Security Awareness Training is Worth It?

Think of all the ways that you physically secure your business. Do you lock your doors? Set an alarm system? Maybe have security guards patrolling your business property? You take all these measures to ensure your goods, money, and proprietary…

How Cybersecurity Awareness Training Will Save You Money

How cybersecurity awareness training will save you money
When it comes to cybersecurity, I know your business’s biggest weakness: your employees. Nearly 90%  of data breaches are caused by human error. You’d be shocked at how many otherwise smart employees would literally PAY to download a virus because…

What Small Businesses Need to Know About Zero-Trust Security

What small businesses need to know about zero trust security
Trust no one. It sounds cynical and harsh, but that’s the approach many businesses are taking to protect their networks. Zero-trust security is a growing trend in cybersecurity based on the idea that every user, device, or connection should be…

Why Bitdefender Antivirus is a Must-Have for Your Cybersecurity

Everyone knows the internet is full of cats. You probably see cat photos and videos all the time. What you might not realize is that the internet is also full of malware. Probably a lot more than you think. Malware…

How Your Cybersecurity is Like Protecting Your House

How Cybersecurity is Like Your House thumbnail
When it comes to cybersecurity services, the number one question I get from small business owners is: “Do I really need all this cybersecurity stuff?” You know you need some basic protections like a firewall or antivirus, but the rest…

Why You Need to Back Up Microsoft Office 365

Office SaaS backup header
If you accidentally delete a file, or need to find an old, deleted email, what do you do? If you use Microsoft Office, you probably check your Recycle Bin or Deleted Items folder. But what if it’s weeks or even…

TechTip: Secure Your Microsoft Products With Office Protect

Secure Your Microsoft Products With Office Protect
Does your business use Microsoft products like Office or Microsoft 365 email? If so, your business is at even more risk of getting hacked. Because Microsoft’s tools are so popular, they’re a big target for hackers. 70% of cyber attacks…

What You Need to Know About Getting Cyber Insurance

What You Need to Know About Getting Cyber Insurance
Every business who relies on technology should have cyber insurance. But actually getting cyber insurance can be tricky, because insurance companies will ask a lot questions about your existing cybersecurity measures. If you’re not following best practices, your rates are…

5 FAQs About Cyber Insurance

5 FAQs About Cyber Insurance
With the rise of cybercrime, cyber insurance is becoming increasingly critical for your business. Here are answers to the top 5 most frequently asked questions about cyber insurance. 1. What Is Cyber Insurance? Cyber insurance is an insurance policy that…

6 Benefits of VoIP for Remote Work

6 Benefits of VOIP for Remote Work
2020 forced many small businesses to embrace new ways of working, including working from home (WFH). Find out why VoIP phones should be part of your technology stack for remote work, if they're not already.

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