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IT Blog about Outlook Hacks

8 Time-Saving Hacks for Microsoft Outlook

Every single minute, over 149,000 emails are rushing toward inboxes around the world. Keeping up with that flood of messages can take up way too much time, so we found a few tips and tricks that can help! Here are some Microsoft Outlook hacks to help you stay organized, focus on what’s important, and minimize interruptions so you get more done each day.

Tips & Tricks for Microsoft Word

9 Time-Saving Microsoft Word Hacks

Want to work smarter and faster in Microsoft Word? Word is a powerful tool with tons of features, but it also has tricks and shortcuts that will help you be more efficient with the tasks you do every day. Here are nine easy-to-use, time-saving Microsoft Word hacks that you can start using right away!

Excel Hacks

9 Time-Saving Microsoft Excel Hacks

Whether you’re crunching sales figures, importing an email list, or analyzing data for a monthly report, chances are you need to use Microsoft Excel for some of your day-to-day work. While most of us aren’t die-hard spreadsheet junkies, learning some time-saving shortcuts can help you get things done faster and more efficiently in Excel. Here are nine of our favorite Microsoft Excel hacks that make quick work of resizing columns, changing number formatting and even embedding a spreadsheet into a Word document.

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Top 5 Worst High-Tech Habits to Break in 2016

Admit it – you have some bad habits when it comes to maintaining the security and health of the high-tech tools your business depends on everyday. Since it’s a fresh new year, we thought this would be a great time to point out some of the most popular bad habits most businesses should be working on in 2016.

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10 Smartphone Security Tips

For better or worse we are all practically “married” to our phones these days. Our phones go everywhere we go and have access to our most private conversations as well as our most precious memories. But as useful as our phones are, they can also make us vulnerable to attacks by thieves and cyber-criminals determined to access our private information for personal gain. So how can you use these smartphone security tips and avoid being manipulated or attacked by cyber-criminals? Here are some smart tips to keep your smartphone safe.

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The Most Shocking Threat to Your Small Business Security

Hopefully by now you realize you need to keep a close watch over the security of your PC and other devices (or you’re smart enough to hire us to do it for you). Either way, cyber-crime is BIG business, and small business owners are seen as the low hanging fruit by attackers who are looking for easy-to-steal financial data, passwords and more. But there’s a much bigger threat to small business data security that can not only leak your information out to the masses, but can also corrupt or erase data, screw up operations and bring everything to a screeching halt. What is it? Surprisingly, it’s your employees.

6 ways to take control of your email for better productivity

6 Tips For Better Email Productivity

Email is often described as a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it’s a great way to communicate with just about anyone, anywhere, at any time of day. Unfortunately, that communication works both ways, letting anyone and everyone make demands on your time and energy whenever they need to. It’s estimated that the average employee spends two hours every day handling email. That’s more than a whole day every week! With so many messages coming in, it can be hard to prioritize other work on your plate and still get everything done. Are you spending too much time on your email? Here are some great tips to improve your email productivity and peace of mind.

8 reasons your server may be at risk

8 Reasons Your Server May Be At Risk

Your server is the heart of your business network. When something goes wrong, you lose access to key resources while productivity, customer service, and your bottom line suffers. Yet many businesses inadvertently compromise the security of their servers, leaving them vulnerable to hacker attacks, internal security issues or even simple power outages. So is your server at risk? Here are 8 things you may be forgetting that could be compromising your server’s security.