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benefits of remote office

Benefits of an Efficient Remote Office

More than a mere convenience, telecommuting—working from a home or other remote office—provides employees and employers with some fairly impressive benefits. It hasn’t always been easy allowing employees to work remotely due to technology constraints and an inability to monitor the success of the stay-at-home worker. However, advances in both hardware and software are giving businesses the opportunity to push the limits of efficiency and make remote offices as productive, if not more so, than the actual office.

how to properly vet it consultants

How to Properly Vet Your It Consultant

A skilled and knowledgeable IT consultant can do wonders for your business, regardless of whether you’re a small business or a larger enterprise. Unfortunately, the reverse is true for IT consultants who are only interested in turning a profit. If their priorities don’t align with yours or they can’t handle your company’s needs, they can cause significant damage to your data infrastructure and your wallet.