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Top 5 Worst High-Tech Habits to Break in 2016

Admit it – you have some bad habits when it comes to maintaining the security and health of the high-tech tools your business depends on everyday. Since it’s a fresh new year, we thought this would be a great time to point out some of the most popular bad habits most businesses should be working on in 2016.

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10 Smartphone Security Tips

For better or worse we are all practically “married” to our phones these days. Our phones go everywhere we go and have access to our most private conversations as well as our most precious memories. But as useful as our phones are, they can also make us vulnerable to attacks by thieves and cyber-criminals determined to access our private information for personal gain. So how can you use these smartphone security tipsĀ and avoid being manipulated or attacked by cyber-criminals? Here are some smart tips to keep your smartphone safe.