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top five network security mistakes

Top 5 Network Security Mistakes

When it comes to network security, some companies cut corners and suffer the consequences. From hacked emails to leaked documents, the integrity of your network can make or break your business. You may be a brand-new company or one that’s seen the horrors of one too many cracks in the firewall, but the bottom line is this: there are some easily avoided mistakes you could make with your network security. We’ve picked five of the most common network security mistakes to give your company a fighting chance to protect its invaluable information.

Vacation Alert!

What You and Employees Should Never Do On Vacation

You’re off to your favorite vacation spot, raring to get your well-deserved break underway when you suddenly remember the urgent email you forgot to send before leaving the office. The beachfront diner has free Wi-Fi so you figure, “Why not?” You log on to your company account, hit ‘send,’ and just like that, you’ve exposed yourself—and your company’s accounts—to potential malware and hackers. Free Wi-Fi may be a thing of beauty, but when it comes to your work, you should avoid using just any available connection—especially when many are neither secure nor private. Before you head to the beach this summer, uncheck the little box on your smart phones and laptops that says, “Automatically connect to available networks.” You’ll be saving yourself a headache.