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six things to consider before moving to the cloud

6 Things to Consider Before Moving to the Cloud

It’s almost impossible to have a discussion about networking technology today without talking about “the cloud.” In fact, as of 2014, nearly 90% of all business have adopted cloud technology to some degree. So where does your business stand when it comes to implementing cloud technology? If you’ve been thinking about moving to the cloud, here are six things to consider before you make your move.

6 ways to take control of your email for better productivity

6 Tips For Better Email Productivity

Email is often described as a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it’s a great way to communicate with just about anyone, anywhere, at any time of day. Unfortunately, that communication works both ways, letting anyone and everyone make demands on your time and energy whenever they need to. It’s estimated that the average employee spends two hours every day handling email. That’s more than a whole day every week! With so many messages coming in, it can be hard to prioritize other work on your plate and still get everything done. Are you spending too much time on your email? Here are some great tips to improve your email productivity and peace of mind.

Attention: windows server support is ending

Windows Server 2003 Support Ends Soon

Windows Server 2003 will take a bow and head off into obscurity on July 14, 2015. It’s hard to believe that it’s really been 12 years since its release. Beloved by system admins around the world, Windows Server 2003 arrived on the scene amid the first sightings of camera phones, the introduction of Apple iTunes and the first Microsoft Xbox that revolutionized online gaming. Since then we’ve seen the advent of multi-core processors and the growing popularity of virtualization, yet many businesses are still not taking advantage of the latest technology. While mainstream support for Windows Server 2003 ended in 2010, Windows Server 2003 accounted for 39% of the Windows Server installations worldwide as of July 2014, according to an article published by Redmond Magazine last September. So are your business and tech systems ready when the support ends?